Synergy Holistic Education is a pioneering non-profit international project bringing a greater focus on well-being to children and teens in schools.

We offer material and exercises to enhance and support self-acceptance, kindness, compassion, positive self-image, empowerment, and connection to self and others, that can be easily integrated into classes.

Experts and collaborators in the field of holistic education contributing to the project so far include the founders of Well-being In Schools, Connected Kids, Heart and Mind Education, Grounded Kids, Enchanted Wonders, Kids Relaxation, Move With Me, Thriving Now, Teen Talent Dynamics, Wonder Kids Cards, The Enlightened Kid, Love You Revolution Charity,the best-selling author of Thinkin’ Stinkin’ Stinks, the author of Calm Kids, the founder of Teach Children Meditation, among others.

Educators in over 25 countries have welcomed our material with encouraging feedback. In addition to teachers in schools, that includes school counsellors and child social workers, youth community workers, summer camp leaders, youth coaches, as well as home schooling parents, among others.

Please note: this project is not about a vision of children being or needing to be happy all the time. In fact, that suggestion in itself could be detrimental to children. Our intention is to encourage self-love and self-acceptance as foundation.

We do not intend to insinuate that being ‘unhappy’ is bad or wrong in any way, either. Children and teenagers will go through a gamut of mental and emotional experiences, explorations and states in their growth. These can be very much a part of their personal evolution.

We aim to offer support, wider perspectives, transformational insights, and new and alternative options to assist with enhancing mental and emotional well-being on their personal and collective journeys.