Numerous additional collaborators are contributing material and will be added to this page shortly, including Grounded Kids, Enchanted Wonders, Kids Relaxation, Move With Me, and Thriving Now. If you are registered you will be notified of new exercises shared (uploaded to our download area) by email.

Heart and Mind Education


Education Scientist Dani Miller founded Heart and Mind Education for expanding the hearts and minds of children, young people, parents and professionals, and sharing programmes and workshops around personal development, social and emotional skills, thinking and communication skills, mindfulness and meditation.

Wellbeing in Schools


Wellbeing in Schools is an on-going study by a team of education and health professionals.  Set up in 2009 by Giles Bryant it has been endorsed by schools around the country.  It is based on integrating simple practices of yoga, meditation, healing music, peace circles and nutrition to help raise health, happiness and achievement.




Connected Kids & Teach Children Meditation


The Teach Children Meditation Campaign launched in March 2011 to raise awareness of teaching children meditation. It is run by Lorraine Murray who is the author of “Calm Kids” – helping children relax with mindful activities, which is for anyone who wishes to teach their children meditation. The Connected Kids programme is based on this book (and her 2nd book due out 2014) and teaches adults how to teach kids meditation – of all ages and abilities. It includes information on working with children with ADHD and autism or other special needs. Lorraine teaches this worldwide through her online courses or international visits.

Teen Talent Dynamics for Young People



Teen Talent Dynamics is the No.1 Personal Development Pathway to empower teenagers and support their leadership ability by accelerating confidence and self-worth, and encouraging their discovery of vision and direction in life.

Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Stinks


Attributing bad smells to our various negative thoughts, actions, and attitudes, in STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS Bill King provides both young readers and their older friends with techniques to recognize, deal with, and mitigate the negativity that holds so many of us back.  Full of fun activities designed to provide kids with real tools for changing negative habits, STINKIN’ THINKIN’ STINKS offers a fun new approach to exterminating negativity while inviting YOU to change YOUR LIFE!

Wonder Kids Cards


Make  Conversations Count (Build Character and Confidence)

 The Wonder Kids Cards are a thought-provoking boxed deck of 38 doubled sided cards and guidebook based on 11 spiritual & life principles. Cards: a question will open exciting conversations and an affirmation keeps these values front of mind. Guidebook: contains reflections and  engaging activities.


Love You Revolution Foundation


The Love You Revolution is a movement that raises awareness for women and children about the importance of self-acceptance, self-value and self-love. They do this through experiential workshops  geared to focus on acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. The workshops were created to support healthy self-beliefs and to instill confidence and worth so to allow empowerment and movement forward to take place.


Love Letter Project


Mary A. Colborn, a writer and educator, was inspired by Global Love Letters to create a universal love letter. With a team of high schoolers, she blanketed the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, with love letters for a giant art show called ArtPrize. Teens asked that the love letters on display in giant form in Grand Rapids be resized in postcard form for them to share in schools. Mary shares her beautiful universal ‘love letter’ for teens and children via our project also. It can be used in many ways – simply read out by teachers to inspire children to write their own unconditional love letter – to themselves, to others, to leave as anonymous letters in the community, for example

Ripple Kindness Project



“Ripple Kindness” is a community project and primary school curriculum providing education, information and inspiration for people in all walks of life. They are particularly passionate about promoting kindness in schools,as it has the potential to change cultures and is a long term solution to the bullying epidemic we’re currently facing.



Kids Relaxation


Kids’ Relaxation’s mission is to make relaxation practice fun and engaging for kids, educators and caregivers around the world. A creation of school psychologist, Zemirah Jazwierska, each activity is playfully tested and approved by kids before it is shared. For free resources, inspiration, deep breathing activities, guided imagery, relaxation games, mindfulness techniques, and downloadable materials, visit:

Movement & Mindfulness for Early Learning



You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to bring the benefits of yoga & mindfulness to your early learners! Our resources provide anyone working with children everything they need to engage the whole child, improve outcomes, AND fulfill standards. Learn how you can more effectively help your children/students grow physically fit, emotionally stable, and learning able with our award-winning video classes, curriculum, and training.

Thriving Now



Thriving Now support positive emotional transformation with the use of EFT/Tapping. Their intention is to help both adults and children to “Live, Laugh, and Love with Confidence!”